Dr. Dameon Fisher understands your smile is a significant investment. With this in mind, Dr. Fisher is offering the “Retainers For Life” program. When you begin treatment with Fisher Orthodontics, your investment is protected! If your initial retainer is lost or damaged, we will provide you with a new retainer to ensure your smile is secure!

Even years after successful orthodontic treatment your teeth are in danger of relapse without proper retention! With the average cost of retainers in the metro Atlanta area reaching up to $500 each or a set for $1000 this can save you or your family from the burden of a considerable unexpected expense while maintaining the results you worked hard to achieve!

*The Retainers For Life program includes five sets of retainers for ten years or whichever is reached first. The Retainers for Life program applies to new patients receiving full orthodontic care. Patients that are already in or finished with treatment can purchase the program to add to their treatment package.